Intellectual Property Law

Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights are essential elements to any business portfolio.

The firm has the Intellectual Property Division which advises clients on various aspects of their Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Designs and all other aspects of all that includes Intellectual Property. KNK assists business and individuals in identifying, selecting, obtaining, and developing intellectual property rights. We can assist in obtaining trademark and copyright registrations as well as provide transactional services to protect valuable IP assets. We also regularly counsel clients on other transactional issues such as IP valuation for business transfers, purchases and sales, assignments, and other due diligence matters. Our goal at KNK is to allow our clients to make informed decisions about their intellectual property assets and to maximize the value of their IP portfolios.

Clients are often unaware of that IP rights require regular maintenance and policing to ensure their validity and strength. As part of our full-service mentality, KNK evaluates clients’ intellectual property assets to make sure those property rights remain strong.